All of us try our best to live in nature but it’s not easy. We too no exemption. Going one step further, we try our best to help the businesses those are involved in natural foods to get the best and give the best to the people who loves to live in nature.

We are a team of professionals  trying to reconnect our modern society to its natural roots by reintroducing eco-friendly and wholesome indigenous products from around the world. We belive the best is plant based foods. We handled coconut products (with heaps of experience in it that is our primary product), tea, spices, dried fruits and juices. My team handled various functions as sourcing of raw material, quality control of raw material, processing (including UHT, retorting, spray drying, drying, grinding, pulverizing, extraction), international sales, international logistics, commercial operations and many more. Our main partner in Sri Lanka who handles the technical and sourcing and other partners from India to handle the operation and sales.

Joining together, we formed this business to source the best plant based ingredients to provide to the customers. 


The foods decide the health and consumers knew this well. Food industries always prefer ingredients from reliable sources to maintain food safety, taste and healthy products to satisfy the consumers.

We work with producers and exporters who are having appropriate certifications for their ingredients. Most of our supply partners are having GFSI certifications (BRC, IFS, FSSC22000) while others with ISO, HACCP, GMP, Global GAP as per the need and to balance the need and price with quality. When we do organic, our supply partners are EU organic, US NOP certified while some have IBD, JAS, Bio Suisse, Regenerative Organic Certification etc.

In addition, we do checks to confirm our supply partners are operating under strict hygienic, health, ethical standards.


We strongly believe all animals in the world have senses and feelings just like we human and they have right to live along with us peacefully without getting overly exploited for their flesh, their milk and their embryos.

Many recent studies proof vegan lifestyle is healthy for us. Since it reduces carbon emission it helps in reducing the climate change.

We are happy to involve in this noble and valuable project. 


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